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What is ERP?

ERP signifies Enterprise Resource Planning, It is a software system which integrate internal and external management of information across an entire organization. It automates & Integrate businesses processes and focus on Effectiveness & Simplified Success.

What is UPROW?

UPRW is Retail ERP solution. It is a comprehensive web-based Automation and Management Software which has been designed and tailored specially for Retail, Apparels Sector to assure smooth administration and management of various activities.

Does our information is secured in this software?

Yes, our cloud information security software helps to keep your databases secure. We are associated to software security partners that help organizations to ensure that server and database security is adequately maintained.

What are the salient features of UPROW?

Flexibility: it can be highly customized according to the requirement of institution and the needs of users.

Web Based interface: Uprow provide web based interface to users so forget the boundaries of time and place to access their ports so decision making and monitoring can be done anytime anywhere throughout across the world.

Secure information: Uprow has a very high security features as data saved in the central server is equipped with firewall and SSL layers are enabled to keep the data safe, also it has optimized back up.

Efficiency: From Barcode management to Accounts and Tax calculations, managing stock data become very tedious job which is done automatically in Uprow. So man-power used to manage the administration can be substantially decreased by implementing the system.

Managed information system: Now just forget to send mails & SMS for individual administration personnel for circulars by our circular management module you can send circulars by single click to all your staff, Customers, Vendors and management personnel.
Reliable & cost efficient: Uprow is highly economic as it provides facility to Store to pay according to the modules wise, and user wise.

What is the need for computerization?

In today's scenario with the increasing inventory it is very difficult to keep a count of all stocks and accounts. It is also difficult to remember debtors and creditors and its outstanding's. Computerization is the only way to keep a track of inventory and accounting.

Will this help in stopping pilferage's?

When the staff comes to know that the store is computerized and the owner has all the knowledge of stocks and cash, the chances of pilferage's reduces drastically. The best example is when in a store sign board of "You are under CC TV surveillance" is mentioned then there are very few chances of people doing any mischief's. There is a general thought in owners mind that almost 3-4% stocks are pilfer aged, with the help of computerization this 3-4% can be saved.

Will computerization help increase my SALES?

Yes surely, with the help of computerization speed of billing increases by many folds and the customer now-a-days has more faith in computerized bill as the general thought is that if the bill is computerized then the rates and the products they are buying are genuine.

What is the technology used in your software?

Our software is built on top notch Microsoft Dot Net technology and Sql server.

What if I require only few modules instead of the entire package?

Yes, It is possible.

Is it possible to change the zip code of the country?

Yes,it is possible to change zip code as per city wise

How do we determine who has access to core modules/premium?

Upwork software could be customized on role base so the Admin has access of all the modules through Access control by tick or un-tick the option.

Can organizations have data imported from a previous system, database, or excel? How would that work?

Yes the organization can upload the previous data through Download Excel file then Import data in the software.


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